The PCs:

A dwarf cleric Zagor Darwin, a gnome wizard Abasanid called Žbica, a human rogue Roland Blanche and a human fighter Amadeus Wons.

The PCs over 20 sessions into the campaign, still very much alive!

The mission

They have a simple mission – to save themselves (saving the world would be nice too, but I sincerely doubt they will make it to lvl20 :).

The setting

The story takes place in a large, Europe-sized continent surrounded by numerous smaller islands immersed in an endless body of fresh, flowing water. Party members live on an island in the very south.

The plot

Within months, their world is going to collapse, step by step, from highly organized and safe civilization down to wild, postapocalyptic ruin. During all this time, they are going to be unjustly (well, most of them :) charged and prosecuted for treason and heresy, chased across the land, they will escape forces of darkness, outsmart militia and inquisition and do all this while trying to hunt down a list of names – a task upon which not only their lives soon will depend. Oh yes, they will also discover truth about history of their world and their own personal past, along the way.

GM’s expectations

Each of the characters has their own dark secrets, their own reasons, and their own goals. This makes the game interesting both for me and them.* But it also makes it dangerous and, in time, deadly for all of the party members.

However, when they are all killed I will copy their full stories onto this site along with logs of closed dialogs between GM and each of the players. So that the PCs, and anyone else who may be interested, could in the end know all sides of each other’s stories. :)

.* Oh, it also forces me to be a bit dishonest now and then. That necessary wrong will be righted in time. :)

.* * Whenever I withold some info, it is marked by nubmers at the end of the line, like so: 11.

And the tekst I didn’t share is hidden in the GM’s section, for safe keeping, until it’s time to share it. :)

.* * * The party picture was not taken during the first session; they did not look like this at the begining of the campaign. But they might have been similar somewhere around 23rd session. 12

The Flight of the Sun

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