Two swords

First week of December, 1112.

We all know Wons carries a sword he never uses, on his back, sheets and grip completely wrapped in cloth. The only person PCs ever saw wielding it was Uzeir, but Wons introduced him as David Ledoff.

Wons took his sword back from him after Ledoff died, and carried it on his back ever since. The only time PCs actually saw this weapon drawn was during the raid on Olga’s camp. But it was only for a few brief moments of battle; none of them ever got a good look.11
The other sword belongs – for several days, now – to Hubbert (though some PCs would think and argue to the contrary), and ever since this happy union occurred Hubbert has been a different man. Hubbert’s sword is wrapped with leather stripes from the grip to the tip of the blade. It is obvious there is some kind of lead layer beneath this wrapping, for magical aura of the sword is invisible until drawn. This amateur leather wrapping is, however, grubby, and seemingly rather unsuitable – if not just unpractical.

Unlike Wons’s, Hubbert’s sword some of the PC saw. And some of them took more then a very good look at it, too. 12, 13

Two swords

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