The Knights of St Banach

Knowledge religion DC 15 on the paladins of St Banach’s order: First of all, unlike the order of St Hilbert, Banachian paladins are not under the strict rule of the Sun church. Further more, their symbol is one of a golden fist with rays of light coming out of it, against the black background, surrounded by olive leaves.

Knowledge religion DC 20 They are never the less equally devoted to their god, and this they demonstrate by maintaining the order of things their God has established. They exist to serve the Sun god by protecting his law and punishing those who break it.

Knowledge religion DC 25 However radical this may seem, amongst all of the paladin orders, the Banachians are most likely to be good aligned.

Knowledge history DC 15 Banachians are amongst the oldest paladin orders, and have bases in major cities all over the country.

Knowledge history DC 20 Many of the nobles from the central and southern part of the continent have traidtion of sending their second-born sons to join this order. However, thanks to the modest origins of St Banach himself, anyone brave enough and comitted enough can join. As far as the order is concerned it is excellence – and not nobility – that counts. Sending a young man to join St Banach is good way for a noble to teach his progeny a lesson on humility and discipline.

Knowledge history DC 25 Several hundred years ago, St Banach organized an order of Knights to protect all those who traveled towards the south through the continent, therefore enableing trade and, subsequently, cities in the south to develop.

p.s. ┼Żbica, I know you are bound to roll even higher when it comes to knowledge religion, so I’m putting these details here for you to see. Should you roll over 30, let me know. :)

The Knights of St Banach

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