The city itself

The city of Eleb lies to the South-East of the Oremountain, on the Eleb river.

Once a small port town on the Eastern coast of the river, the city of Eleb has spread over the Autumn ait and onto the Western coast. It now has population of over 19.000 (plus est. 5000 untouchables and, depending on season, at least as much strangers passing through, mainly traders, sailors, adventurers, tourists and the like), and is a regional center of trade, industry, culture and tourism.

While Eastern Eleb is mostly industrial and unsightly, the West agrar and somewhat common, the Autumn ait is the place of splendor, culture and wealth.

I’ll do my best to share a map of the place, in due time. :)


Since the cathastrophic earthquake in the south, the demographics have somewhat changed…

The Academy

The Academy Library

The Open City Library

The Baths

The Brickyards

The Docks

The Amber Boulevard

The Pillars

The Autumn Ait

The Golden Horn

Sally Gardens

The Fleet

The Hunting Grounds

The Fields

The city itself

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