Took his own life.


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Little is known of Mr. Urrosh, apart from the fact that he was the former bearer of the list.

The information we have about him are, to say the least, partially fabricated, partially misunderstood, and, certainly, incomplete – starting with his name.

Once a knight of St Hilbert, for reasons yet unknown, Urrosh raised his hand against those he vowed to unflinchingly protect. Prosecuted for murder, apostasy and treason, captured and tortured in Ulsa, he managed to escape his confinement killing several other people in the process. However, upon reaching Devill’s kettle, a destination he seemed to have choosen randomly during his desperate flight, Urrosh apparently lost his strenght and gave in to a curse or an illness of some kind.

He fought the PCs that came after him, but knew this battle was the last one he was going to fight. Once overpowered, he asked his captors not to let the Sun priests take him alive and promised valuable information in return. In an act of mercy, the PCs took the deal and granted him this one last wish.

But no good deed ever goes unpunished.


The Flight of the Sun algrein