Tuktoyaktuk Inuvik

An elderly and benevolent architect expert, loved and respected member of the comunitiy.


str 7; -2 dex 8; -1 con 14; +2 wis 18; +4 int 14; +2 cha 13; +1

AC: 9 (touch 9; flat footed 9) - at the moment has no armor, nor is he proficient at using one.

Base attack: 0

con: +2 ref: 0 will: +5

- unarmed; proficient with gnome hooked hammer, dagger and

profession architect: +13 stonework, +10 woodwork, +8 knowledge geography +5 knowledge history +1 knowledge religion



Taktoyaktak Inuvik (Taktojaktak Inuvik) – Tak for his friends – lives in the Saltpan (Solana) town at the edge of the crater surrounding the God’s Eye Lake (Jezero Božje Oko).

He takes care of salt pans at the water levels, constructs pulleys, inspects terrain for new salt pans, leads the untouchables through their daily tasks at the water edge and controls the weighing of the salt.

Since he is fascinated by mechanics and finds dealing with bills and taxes a bit stressful, he left the finances to his trusty friend and coworker in the city council, PC Roland Blanche.

Tak is the one who devised the system of pulleys used to lift the cathedral bells back out of the depths of the salt lake, and it is thanks to him that the townspeople can once again use this work of art to greet ships, call for help and summon everyone for prayer.

He is a good friend of all PCs, plays poker with them at Darwin’s hut on Fridays. Also, he is a friend of local Sun’s priest, Kael.

Tuktoyaktuk Inuvik

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