A green mage of High Vineyards


A green mage of Oremountain the PCs never actually met in person, but have reason to believe he was the same creature they fought at the cave. Even there they only took a glimpse at him before he disappeared – an unusually large dwarf, or an unusually short human with broad shoulders and a severe limp.

Upon their arrival at the High Vineyards, the PCs learned from the villagers that there is an ancient druid living in a groove near by. He has been here over 60 years, came around the time the Deep Halls were ruined. He kept to himself, and it’s been years since anyone talked to him – but the people still could describe him, and it seemed that druid of the grove was the same creature they fought in the cave, on God’s Eye.

Until several months ago he wasn’t on unfriendly terms with the local community. This was a rich, fruitful valley in the middle of a barren wasteland that was the spine of Oremountain.

But as one of the villagers tried to expand his vineyard by spreading it to the very edge of the grove, a horrible fate befell both him, and the village itself. In spite of many protest of the locals, he burned the bushes to expand his crops.

The rest of the villagers were outraged by this, and ceased to communicate with him and his family. He ignored them, and cut down the remaining trees that were in his way. Several people attacked him, and he still wouldn’t give up. Nothing bad happened.

But as he went to plow the stolen land, his own dogs slaughtered his children.

After that, he burned his house, and left, never to be seen again. And he was not the only one to disappear – the druid hid in the grove, and nobody saw him or his traces ever since.

The village suffered a punishment never the less. Ever since that day, their crops have been failing, their cattle growing thinner and thinner. Whatever blessing the green mage bestowed upon their soil, was now taken back.


Yes, he is Stagt Tor a’Lareif.
Pitty no one noticed this.


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