Priest of the Sun, LN, the only of his kind in Devil's Kettle


str 12 con 10 dex 16 wis 16 int 14 cha 12

AC: 13 (flat 10, touch 13)

- no armor nor weapons visible at him at the moment. Has a holy symbol around his neck, and a walking stick with a silver bird figurine at it’s top.

HP: 16

fort: 3 ref:4 will: 6

Lawful Neutral


Kael is one and only Sun’s priest in the Salptans.

He provides religious guidance for all of 300 townspeople, makes sure the morning prayer is conducted daily and properly, and takes care of needs and duties of the local untouchables.

A tall, dark eyed and seemingly malnourished but agile man in mid thirties – what he lacks in strength, he makes up in courage and resolve.

Does not hate the untouchables, but considers their disease a righteously inflicted punishment and teaches them to accept their suffering and obedience quietly, in order to repay the sins of their ancestors.

Finds Darwin’s (dwarf, PC) habit of feeding the untouchables honey and calling them “children” a dangerous and subversive behavior. He openly and publicly condemns Darwin’s conduct, not only for his friendship with the untouchables, but also for his fondness of gambling. Kael finds this almost blasphemous.

He is a good friend of ┼Żbica (gnome, PC), a local wizard. They study scriptures together, and also inspect incoming and outgoing ships, so that no unauthorized magical object could be shipped into or out of the island.

He is on good terms with another two PCs, humans, Amadeus Wons and Roland Blanche. Of these two, however, he prefers Amadeus.

All of the GM private info is safely tucked away, far from prying eyes :)


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