Amadeus Wons


Mr. Wons came to Saltpans a year after the town was reclaimed. 11

Obviously a well trained fighter, he easily became a valuable member of the city watch. It did not take long, however, for his coworkers to realize he is not merely an excellent combatant, but also an expert tactician, coordinator, and a man able to maintain cool head in crisis.

Due to these qualities he was soon given more authority which lead to reorganization and improvement of both training system and the city’s defenses. Less then a year after he came, Amadeus was the head of security in his new home.

He kept to himself, however, and some of the people resented the fact that well educated Mr Wons often seemed to look down on them. It’s no wonder then, that he only had a few friends. He played poker with ┼Żbica, Roland and Darwin on fridays, and was on good terms with local Sun cleric, Kael. Honestly, the only person amongst them he saw as his equal was Blanche.

Mr Wons rarely talked about his life prior to this place. That was, of course, a big mistake on his part. The mystery aroused suspicion and interest in townspeople; no wonder there were quite a few theories about where Amadeus came from, why he chose this God forsaken island, and who he was before he joined the guard here. Those popular amongst all who indulged in gossip and fantasies (mainly ladies, that is) included a young noble woman he was hired to protect, his captivating green eyes and her not so captivated father. Others talked of unrequited love, a knight that fell from grace and the like.

So, you see, even if it wasn’t for the sword, Mr Wons would not pass as just another soldier. 12

Amadeus Wons

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