Lost, at the Gates of Farewell.


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R’vidd was the only untouchable who survived his imprisonment in shaft A3, deep in the roots of Oremountain. While others were defenceless in the face of long tunnels’ denizens, R’vidd, a growing sorcerer, was able to fight them off.

But it took little time for the others of his kind to see the manifestations of his magical powers and therefore forsake him, excluding him completely from their company and leaving him to deal with the dark and the cold by himself.

However, being an outcast even amongst untouchables was what saved him in the end. For when the things from the mines came, he was crouching in his small pit alone, while others were together in a cave too large to be defended by his weapons. Were he with them at the time, he surely would have been killed.

This way, if nothing else, he lived to see a few more days.

Another thing about R’vidd. His body fails and, if it werent for his hands, one might say he’s got but a little time left. His hands, however, are hands of a healthy human. It just might be that R’vidd holds the key to the healing of his people, thus likely being one of a kind and, in this age of economy collapse due to acute lack of slave labor, the most valuable untouchable in the history of the Empire.


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