Zagor Darwin

Lucky, and utterly reckless.


Being a devoted cleric of Gamble, Darwin makes his way through this world counting on Lady Luck, and she has not yet failed him. What would be utterly reckless and most likely deadly for others, somehow works fine for Darwin. Indeed, he just might be the luckiest dwarf alive.11

When in a dilemma, Darwin lets a coin decide. When opportunity presents itself, he gambles and drinks, though some of his companions suspect this has nothing to do with religion, and is actually just a manifestation of his hedonism. Never the less, the sheer amount of his luck was quite obvious to the people of Saltpans. Some of them hoped it would rub off.12

Being a simple and outspoken creature, the dwarf cares little for money or stature, but respects bravery and integrity. To Roland, Amadeus and ┼Żbica he is a devoted friend – perhaps more so than some of them deserve – but will stand up to anyone when defending a cause that he believes is a right one.13

To those who travel with him he is a righteous, though somewhat noisy and impulsive companion. To those who harm the ones he cares for, he is a surprisingly fierce and nasty opponent.

Considering this, it is no wonder that his care for the untouchables, often stretched out to the point of blasphemy, has more than once caused a considerable strain between party members. But it is thanks to the dwarf’s stubbornes and bravery that R’vidd and his kin got to see another day.14

It is also thanks to him that many of the prisoners in the mines of Oremountain have been given a second chance.

And, obviously, there’s more to Darwin than meets the eye.15

Zagor Darwin

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